Framing the fragile

The intensity of her work already starts with the collecting of the ‘raw’ material: forgotten pictures of forgotten men and women in their splendid isolation. A glimpse, a glance, a story untold: buried forever in the ‘stolen’ pictures of a psychiatric ward.MarieAnge

The material is decomposed and recomposed through photopolymer-etchings, films in different layers, matching them, passing them through a sewing machine and finally fixing them under glass, finally veiling & revealing their soul in the eye of the beholder.
What is framed is fragile in the way it veils and unveils a look or a grimace although it resists our looks plunging in: petrified in balsam, buried in a scrapbook.

MarieAnge is clearly a craftswoman, paying attention to the slightest detail, working with recuperated materials, ready-mades, boxes and frames. She delivers depth, mystery, patina and humanity, burying her, their and our souls in her scrapbook.

Gerrit Six